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Florida Statutes Chapter 773

Florida Statutes Chapter 773 CHAPTER 773 EQUINE ACTIVITIES 773.01 Definitions. 773.02 General provisions. 773.03 Limitation on liability for equine activity; exceptions. 773.04 Posting and notification. 773.05 Limitation on liability of persons making land available to public for recreational purposes. 773.06 Helmet requirements; penalties. 773.01 Definitions.—As used in ss. 773.01-773.05: (1) “Engages in an equine activity” means riding, training, assisting in veterinary treatment of, Read more

Florida Statutes Chapter 772

Florida Statutes Chapter 772 CHAPTER 772 CIVIL REMEDIES FOR CRIMINAL PRACTICES 772.101 Short title. 772.102 Definitions. 772.103 Prohibited activities. 772.104 Civil cause of action. 772.11 Civil remedy for theft or exploitation. 772.12 Drug Dealer Liability Act. 772.14 Estoppel of defendant. 772.15 Admissibility of not guilty verdict. 772.17 Limitation of actions. 772.18 Cumulative remedy. 772.185 Attorney’s fees taxed as costs. 772.19 Exemption. 772.101 Short title.—This chapter shall be known Read more

Florida Statutes Chapter 771

Florida Statutes Chapter 771 CHAPTER 771 ACTIONS FOR ALIENATION OF AFFECTIONS, CRIMINAL CONVERSATION, SEDUCTION, OR BREACH OF CONTRACT TO MARRY ACTIONS FOR ALIENATION OF AFFECTIONS, ETC. 771.01 Certain tort actions abolished. 771.04 No act done in state to give cause of action. 771.05 Unlawful to file certain causes of action. 771.06 Validity of certain contracts. 771.07 Penalties. 771.08 Construction of law. Read more

Does Your Florida Business Need Workers Comp?

Does Your Florida Business Need Workers Comp? The requirements for workers comp insurance vary from state to state. If you are licensed to do business in the state of Florida, it is important to understand the state of Florida’s unique laws and how these laws pertain to your business as you are building your insurance Read more

Florida Statutes Chapter 774

Florida Statutes Chapter 774 CHAPTER 774 ASBESTOS-RELATED AND SILICA-RELATED CLAIMS PART I ASBESTOS-RELATED CLAIMS (ss. 774.001-774.008) PART II ASBESTOS AND SILICA COMPENSATION FAIRNESS ACT (ss. 774.201-774.209) PART I ASBESTOS-RELATED CLAIMS 774.001 Legislative findings and intent. 774.002 Definitions. 774.003 Applicability. 774.004 Limitations on successor asbestos-related liabilities. 774.005 Establishing fair market value of total gross assets. 774.006 Adjustment. 774.007 Scope. 774.008 Severability. 774.001 Legislative findings and Read more

Florida Statutes Chapter 770

Florida Statutes Chapter 770 CHAPTER 770 CIVIL ACTIONS FOR LIBEL 770.01 Notice condition precedent to action or prosecution for libel or slander. 770.02 Correction, apology, or retraction by newspaper or broadcast station. 770.03 Civil liability of broadcasting stations. 770.04 Civil liability of radio or television broadcasting stations; care to prevent publication or utterance required. 770.05 Limitation of choice of venue. Read more

Florida Statutes Chapter 769

Florida Statutes Chapter 769 CHAPTER 769 HAZARDOUS OCCUPATIONS 769.01 Employers affected by fellow servant act. 769.02 Liability of certain persons and corporations for injuries from negligence of fellow servants. 769.03 Recovery for injuries where employee and employer both at fault; damages; negligence of fellow servant. 769.04 Doctrine of “assumption of risk” abrogated. 769.05 Proceeds of recovery for injuries exempt from Read more

Florida Statutes Chapter 768

Florida Statutes Chapter 768 CHAPTER 768 NEGLIGENCE PART I GENERAL PROVISIONS (ss. 768.041-768.37) PART II DAMAGES (ss. 768.71-768.81) PART I GENERAL PROVISIONS 768.041 Release or covenant not to sue. 768.0415 Liability for injury to parent. 768.042 Damages. 768.0425 Damages in actions against contractors for injuries sustained from negligence, malfeasance, or misfeasance. 768.043 Remittitur and additur actions arising out of operation Read more

Florida Statutes CHAPTER 767

Florida Statutes CHAPTER 767 CHAPTER 767 DAMAGE BY DOGS 767.01 Dog owner’s liability for damages to persons, domestic animals, or livestock. 767.02 Sheep-killing dogs not to roam about. 767.03 Good defense for killing dog. 767.04 Dog owner’s liability for damages to persons bitten. 767.05 Owner’s liability for damages by dog to dairy cattle. 767.07 Interpretation. 767.10 Legislative findings. 767.11 Definitions. 767.12 Classification of dogs Read more

Florida Statutes Chapter 766

Florida Statutes Chapter 766 CHAPTER 766 MEDICAL MALPRACTICE AND RELATED MATTERS 766.101 Medical review committee, immunity from liability. 766.1015 Civil immunity for members of or consultants to certain boards, committees, or other entities. 766.1016 Patient safety data privilege. 766.102 Medical negligence; standards of recovery; expert witness. 766.103 Florida Medical Consent Law. 766.104 Pleading in medical negligence cases; claim for punitive damages; Read more