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Divorce/Modification of Court Orders in Jacksonville, FL

Unfortunately, a divorce decree or other court order doesn’t always bring about an end to the fighting. Sometimes an ex-spouse or other party doesn’t do what he or she agreed to do, or was ordered by the court to do. Following a divorce or paternity action, a parent may refuse to pay child support or medical expenses. A parent may not allow the other parent access to the child, or refuse to cooperate with other terms of the divorce. Contact a family law attorney at our firm today if you need help to enforce a court order, including orders concerning child support and visitation.

At Liberty Law, our attorneys have years of experience handling divorce settlements and other family law matters. We believe in strong communication with our clients and, in turn, you will know what to expect with your case and when to expect it. We work hard to obtain your best results given your circumstances.

A court order or divorce decree must be followed. Courts do not look kindly on parties who do not comply with its orders and will enforce orders regarding the following:

  • Parental Responsibility and Time-Sharing Rights
  • Payment of Debts
  • Child support
  • Medical support/Health Insurance
  • Exchange of Property
  • Spousal Support/Alimony

Whether your ex-spouse or other party is refusing to transfer property to you, failing to pay spousal or child support, or denying you access to your children, a family law attorney at our firm can help. In addition to court order enforcements, we also handle child custody and modification of judgments.

Get the help you need. A family law lawyer at our firm has the knowledge and experience to answers your questions and advise you of your options. Contact us today.

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