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DUI: Have you been arrested for drunk driving?

If you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, you may be facing serious fines, lengthy driver’s license suspension and even jail or prison time, depending on the number of prior arrests and convictions on your record.

The Costs of a Drunk Driving Conviction

Even if this is your first offense, you may have to pay up to $1,000 in fines and deal with the inconvenience of a suspended license for as long as a year. If you factor in increased insurance rates, time lost with your family, loved ones and friends while you perform community service hours, the immobilization of your automobile, and nine (9) months minimum mandatory probation and the costs associated with probation, DUI is not a charge to take lightly.

Compared to these costs, the expense of hiring Liberty Law is a wise investment for you and your family’s future.

Liberty Law will conduct a dual pronged attack against both the DUI criminal charges and the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles administrative suspension of your driving privileges.

You have only ten (10) days after your arrest to file for an Administrative Review to avoid the suspension of your driving privileges, so if you’ve been arrested and charged with DUI, call LIBERTY LAW TODAY AND SCHEDULE YOUR FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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